Exciting news! We are performing a ground up build on a Nissan 180sx here in the 4.Mance workshop. This car is receiving extensive modifications to suit both the street and the track with the intentions of being noticed! 


Starting on the outside, the customer has chosen an aggressive and stanced look with his choice of a genuine V2 Rocket Bunny kit painted in a black pearl with a silver flake. To top it off he has decided to install a large, 6666 chassis mounted rear wing along with his choice of custom 18inch wheels which are yet to be designed. 

James Miller's concept for his Nissan 180SX

Conceptual design by James Miller from Miller Creative Media


For the interior we will be using a Toyota GT86 dash fitted up with a custom cluster and switch panel. Two Velo ADR approved fixed back bucket seats and Takata harnesses will be keeping him tucked in, along with a 4-point roll cage with a harness bar to keep him safe when he hits the track. James has decided to go with a unique look, using a gunmetal grey base for the rollcage and vehicle interior. Under his feet he will have genuine Type X carpet as well as a carbon fibre rear seat delete and custom boot floor in the rear.

Upgrades to the engine are nothing short of awesome, unlike many builds these days, James has decided to stick with the factory released SR20 engine. The motor has been fitted out head to bottom starting with Brian Crower stage 3 272 cams, BC valve springs, CP forged pistons, and BC sportsman forged rods which still retains the standard 2litre stroke. To gain the best response out of this engine, we have installed a 3076 gtx gen 2 turbo, sitting on a 6boost V-Band Manifold with one of the latest Turbosmart 45mm GenV Hypergates. Moving to the cold side of the engine bay, we have an 80mm throttle body and billet intake, running an aftermarket fuel rail and injectors. The brain behind the motor will be a Haltech elite computer package with an IQ3 street dash supported with a custom engine harness by Custom Cluster Development.
Behind the motor we will be running an RB25  5-speed gearbox and custom tailshaft as this once standard SR20 will now be producing over double the original 202hp it came out of the showroom with.

Using existing control arms and knuckles to get the car sitting low for show, we have chosen to install a height adjustable airbag kit that will be hidden away under the custom carbon floor in the boot. Minor brake upgrades have also been made including a 5 stud hub, rotor and 4 pot caliper conversion from the later model Nissan S15.
Moving onto the cooling system, we will install a twin pass radiator with large thermo fans along with a 100mm intercooler and custom piping to keep those air temps down. To get the air out, we’re creating a complete custom exhaust system made of 3inch diameter and tig welded stainless to get a crisp sound out of the SR20 motor!

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