Addicted to the thrill of going sideways, Matty has taken his once hobby and passion of drifting to many parts of the world including his home Australia, New Zealand, Japan and America. He is the Owner and Driver of the 4mance Automotive Australian Nissan S15 and the Driver of the 4mance S15 that is currently over in New Zealand for the 2018 of D1NZ. He is the first Australian to ever win a D1NZ round since it began 14 years ago and has many accomplishments over the short 3 years of his professional career. He has part taken in events such as Hitec Drift Allstars Series, Australian Drifting Grand Prix, Drift Challenge Australia and D1 NewZealand. Not to mention the numerous times he has travelled to Japan for a little extra practice! After the completion of his Pro S-chassis in early 2015, he has been dedicated to getting on the podium and putting on a show for the crowd.