SEMA 2017

Each year a select few employees have the opportunity to experience (SEMA) Specialty Equipment Market Association located in Las Vegas. SEMA is considered the top automotive trade show in the world and brings thousands of exhibitors and over 162,000 attendees each year. This is the perfect opportunity for us to find products and new ideas to bring home to Australia and pass along to our customers! Our media team has put these images together for you to experience SEMA through a lens. The below images are a taste of the cars we experienced in 2017, we hope this year is just as exciting!

Close up shot of a car built out of carbon fibre.
White Modified Mustang, with the bonnet open on chrome rims.
Black American car lowered to the ground on airbags
Customised Truck and Car on the trailer. Has a red and white striped design, on original Work rims
Khaki coloured BMW parked inside at SEMA. It has been fitted with a body kit.
Customised truck out front of the Brembo stand at SEMA. It is painted in a two-tone paint of white and royal blue.
Customised American car in a grey blue paint colour. Sitting outside at SEMA.
Pale blue car with matching colour rims, the rims have circles in them rather than normal straight spokes. It is outside at SEMA
White Race Car with Carbon fibre panels and a carbon fibre front lip. The boot is open and a male is looking at the engine bay, which has the bonnet removed.  The engine bay has been customised with the exhaust manifold pointing up and the engine has a red engine cover.
White convertible with white leather interior and door panels. The doors are open and the roof off. There are some gold accents on the car and it also has gold rims. In the background there is a multicoloured camoflauge car. The colours are baby blue, pink and yellow splotches