What is a fuel additive? 

DXP is an environmentally friendly, premium fuel additive. It has been formulated as a product that doesn't contain any alcohols, metals or minerals and is made from organic oils. As it is an oil and is lubricant based it cannot harm the engine.

Add this to your fuel tank regularly to improve fuel efficiency, as well a range of other benefits. 

Benefits of a fuel additive:

  • improve fuel efficiency
  • lowers emissions
  • cetane/octane improver
  • removes moisture from fuel
  • cleans the injectors
  • lubricates the engine
  • contains a biocide to breakdown moisture and microbial growth. 

How does it work? 

Cetane/octane improver and fuel efficiency

The higher the octane level in the fuel the quicker the fuel ignites. This results in a faster starting car, that will run quieter and have less product build up in the system. With improved combustion, fuel efficiency is increased and harmful emissions are reduced.

DXP does not contain cetane or octane. They improve combustion by improving the molecular structure of the fuel, so it burns more efficiently, thereby increasing the rated number. In 1ml/1000ml ratio, Cetane has an increase of around 5 points, Octane around 2 points at a 1ml/2000ml ratio.


Fuel contains moisture and is incredibly destructive to an engine if left untreated. It leads to a range of issues for your car including decreased engine performance and longevity, increased corrosion and engine wear. 

The fuel enhancer emulsifies the moisture into the fuel, it is then removed from the system during combustion. 


Lubrication reduces friction, in turn reducing the damage to components of the engine that in relative motion to each other. The additive has a lubricity of 4 times greater than sulphur with no harmful emissions meaning it's better for the environment! Additionally, there will be reduced wear on engines, allowing for peak performance and engine longevity leading to fuel savings and engine protection. 

This product has seen engine life improved by 12% in long haul truck operators coupled with fuel savings ranging from 5% – 20%.

Injector cleaning

Keeping the injectors clean and free of debris build up or degradation is critical to the performance of your engine. Dirty injectors inhibit fuel efficiency and performance. While nothing can improve damaged injectors, we can reduce further damage by using a product such as a fuel additive that is free from harmful chemicals, metals and minerals that cause product buildup.


DXP removes the moisture separation issue by breaking down moisture and microbial contamination at the molecular level, and includes an organic biocide that kills all bacterial spores and growth.

It will remove existing microbial growth and completely clean the fuel system, and keep it clean through continued use. Extreme heavy contaminations need the fuel filters checked after the initial full tank.

The removal of sludge (biological deposits and water) from the bottom of the tank means the environment can no longer sustain further growth. Reducing the risk of degradation of fuel with poor combustion, detergent issues, rust, acid formation, corrosion, and filter blocking.


Ask us to include this treatment in your next service and you can experience the difference. 

DXP is sold worldwide. For more information visit or for Australia