About Us

4.Mance Automotive is the premier performance, customisation and restyling enterprise on Sydney’s north shore and also offers a full range of servicing, maintenance and repair facilities. Our new premises are superbly fitted out with high quality vehicle bays and a state of the art spray booth.


4.Mance began in 2014 as a customisation specialist, initially in modest premises in Lane Cove and from 2015 to 2017 in a full service workshop in Hotham Parade, Artarmon. Owing to growth in the demand for our services, we began operating from our new larger and better appointed workshop in Carlotta St, Artarmon from the beginning of 2018.   

Project work has been at the centre of our business. 4.Mance has completed numerous project vehicles, some as street cars and some as track or competition vehicles for both amateur and professional drivers. There are also several project cars in progress at any one time. Projects range from the rebuilding or restoration of older vehicles to the upgrading and enhancement of late model vehicles. Some of these project vehicles are featured on our social media sites and our website.

The staff complement has grown to 10 professionals covering mechanical, electrical, fabrication, spray painting and design specialties. The key staff are experts in their fields, enabling 4.Mance to deliver first class workmanship for our customers.

In 2016, 4.Mance and CCD (Custom Cluster Development) entered into a cooperative relationship. It gives 4.Mance and its clients full access to CCD’s auto-electrical and electronic expertise, which encompasses wiring and all electronic services on late model and older vehicles and also to track standard if required. CCD’s clients also benefit from access to the full scope of the 4.Mance workshop and services when required. The CCD business is now co-located with 4.Mance in our Carlotta St premises.

In 2017, 4.Mance became the main sponsor of an Australian and internationally ranked drifter. We have prepared cars for several drifters and have also prepared numerous other high performance track cars.

Goals and Business Strategy

The 4.Mance business strategy is built around three arms of our business -

4.Mance Performance & Customisation Centre
4.Mance Service & Maintenance Centre
4.Mance Online Store

Performance & Customisation

The emphasis of the 4.Mance business has always been quality performance and customised styling of the client’s vehicle. That may include an agreed set of modifications that embrace the client’s vision for his or her vehicle. It may require specialised design work and specialist project work. The vehicle may be a daily commuter vehicle, a favourite sports car, a ute, a show car or a track car.

Service & Maintenance

Our new premises have brought new opportunities for our customers and our staff. We have been able to enhance our mainstream servicing, maintenance and repair facilities and so to extend the range of vehicles and customers that 4.Mance can support.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers’ vehicles are properly maintained, reliable and performing well.

4.Mance is fully authorised by RMS and fully accredited by MTA to undertake all servicing and repair work on registered motor vehicles.

Online Store

By operating an online store, 4.Mance is  -

The synergies

The combination of 4.Mance’s Performance & Customisation Centre, Service & Maintenance Centre and Online Store, our co-location and cooperative relationship with CCD delivers great benefits for our customers and their vehicles. It also contributes to the continuing development of our staff in maintaining high levels of expertise, capability and customer service. 


At 4.Mance Automotive we aim to meet the full expectations of our customers and we pride ourselves on providing high levels of customer service and satisfaction across the full range of our automotive services and products.