Mongoose MAP80S - OEM Upgrade Immobiliser

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The MAP80S is controlled from your cars existing factory remote control. The MAP80S 'upgrades' the vehicles original central locking to a full security system.

Based on the highly successful and popular M80 Series they are equipped with two automatic engine immobilisers (which is in addition to any factory immobilisation), full alarm functions, 2 stage impact sensor, 'Standards' all black wiring, battery back-up siren and a range of programmable options.
If your vehicle already has remote controlled central locking, then consider a MAP80 model - it was specifically designed for your vehicle.

  • interfaces with your existing remote control
  • automatic dual circuit engine immobiliser
  • bonnet, boot and door protection
  • battery back-up siren 
  • 2 stage impact sensor
  • all black wiring
  • PIN coded override - programme your own number
  • chirp confirmation
  • light flash confirmation
  • turbo timer interface software
  • a range of programmable features