R35 Titanium Mid Pipe Y-Piece 90mm Exhaust System

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The Carbonetics 90mm Midpipe is one of the largest available on the market. Using alarge 90mm (3.5") primary pipe we were able to optimize exhaust flow. Most systems implement two 76mm (3") pipes that change into a 76mm primary pipe causing turbulence and unnecessary backpressure. By making our primary pipe 90mm we are able to greatly improve exhaust flow, freeing up horsepower and improving spool time. The Carbonetics 90mm Midpipe will easily support any future modifications.Made of High Quality Titanium

Unparalleled Performance And Fitment

Like all other Carbonetics exhaust products this cat-back is welded with 100% Titanium components including the flanges and hangers. The system utilizes factory exhaust hangers. By simply installing this exhaust system you can expect to see as much as 15+ wheel horsepower gains over stock with stock tune.


Exclusive Benefits

  • 3.5 throughout entire system. Does not “neck down” like other systems
  • 100% Titanium Construction
  • 15+WHP (wheel horsepower) gains over stock
  • Bolts up to the factory catalytic converter
  • Includes gaskets and hardware
  • Unrivaled fit and finish

Kit Includes

  • Midpipe , Y PIPE
  • Gaskets and Hardware


Super Light Weight

4KG Mid Pipe ( Approximately  )